Coaching TOGETHER Quad Toolkit

Intentionally building a healthy quad toolkit of Christian relationship skills TOGETHER.

Camarillo Community TOGETHER Christian Coaching CenterPractical application from the TOGETHER Conference from Dr. Curt Thompson, author of Anatomy of the Soul at Camarillo Community:

  • For 45 minutes only, handwrite your remembrances of a decade.  Start with ages 0-10.
  • Share what you wrote with a trusted friend or quad member.  We repair the mind by restoring relationships; connecting the left (logical language part) with the right brain (feelings, unspoken areas) integrates the brain.
  • Ask that person or group to ask you questions about what you wrote.

Why do you think this helps? Others have stated it this way: WE HAND OFF TO THE NEXT GENERATION WHAT WE DO NOT DEAL WITH.  Being transparent and connected repairs the brain connections in community with others.

What else did you learn?

SIFT B is a way to recall what makes up the mind (not the brain):

S – Smells are the last memory to go.
I –  Images stick longer than words. We retain only 5%  of words.
F – Feelings are remembered before words.
T – Thoughts are remembered in implicit memory.
B – Behavior is not separate from, but linked to, the mind.

Others suggest these techniques:  Try writing with your other hand.  You will see your writing as a child.  Then write it with your dominant hand.  See the different perspectives.

What is a quad toolkit?

A quad toolkit includes these at Camarillo Community:

  1. Each day alone with God and you:  Use the Life Journal as a tool, identified in The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro, connecting who and why with how with now. See more at with SOAP.
  2. Each week with 3 others:  Participate in a quad of Discipleship Essentials by Greg Ogden that is the foundation to know what to do and commit ourselves to doing. See more at Call 805.482.2657, x 118 for more info.
  3. Each week intentionally choose to worship God in the company of others through learning, prayer, relationships, singing, and giving at the church God leads you to where you can grow and serve.
  4. Each month after finishing Discipleship Essentials and starting your own quad of disciples as a disciplemaker:  Regroup to apply  Real-Life Discipleship Training Manual by Jim Putman and Avery Willis. They explain how we cycle through life to reveal (by our words and our actions) when and where we are.

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